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Erin and Jim Molan join forces to spread a very important message

The well-known TV personality Erin Molan and her father, Senator Jim Molan, are out in Wagga Wagga raising awareness about bowel cancer.

Doctors often recommend those over the age of 50 have screenings but Erin tells Ray Hadley about her 27-year-old sister who was diagnosed with the cancer.

Erin says people need to be better educated.

“In school, I learnt ‘slip, slop, slap’ for skin cancer, I learnt don’t smoke for lung cancer.

“I learnt, once I got to high school, check your breasts for breast cancer, no one ever spoke to me about bowel cancer.

“It’s the most curable cancer in Australia but we’re still losing 100 people a week to it.”

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