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Environmentalist rejects ‘unprecedented’ bushfire claims

Political scientist Dr Bjørn Lomborg says despite the “absolutely overwhelming” devastation, Australia’s recent bushfires are by no means ‘unprecedented’.

According to Dr Lomborg’s analysis of satellite data, the area burned between 1997 and 2018 has reduced by a third.

Dr Lomborg, founder and president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, tells Alan Jones alarmism is not an effective solution to future bushfire events, and neither is a zero-emissions policy.

He argues Australia should focus on improving forest management. By going carbon neutral, he says, the country would burn just 0.003 per cent less by 2100.

“This does not mean we don’t actually expect that global warming will slightly increase the amount of burnt area, in Australia and elsewhere. 

“There is an issue, but it’s just perhaps the most ineffective way to try to help.”

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Image: Getty/Bloomberg