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Education expert believes political correctness is destroying our children’s future

An education expert believes political correctness is destroying our education system.

Australian Catholic University senior research fellow Kevin Donnelly says we must take a closer look at what children are being taught; in literature, music, art and history.

Dr Donnelly says while western civilisation is under threat from Islamic terrorism, it’s also being undermined by the education system.

He speaks with Alan Jones ahead of the launch of his new book, How Political Correctness is Destroying Education and Your Child’s Future.

Alan and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott will help launch the book at an event this morning.

Dr Donnelly says the system fails to acknowledge and defend the strengths and benefits of our culture and way of life.

“We’re not giving young people a strong sense of our culture.

“What it means to be Australian, why we should be proud of our history, proud of our institutions.

“What it means to be part of Western civilisation, the Anglosphere.”

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