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Drug driver was reissued a licence just days after killing innocent grandfather

Tom Daher tragically lost his father when a suspended drug driver swerved onto the wrong side of the road and slammed into him.

Days after the fatal incident occurred, the driver of the truck, Moustaffa Zreikawho, was reissued a licence and let back on the roads.

Zreikawho had taken six tablets of the opioid medication tramadol before driving.

Tom’s father, Tannous, who was gardening with his brother at the time, was dragged over 20 metres and died at the scene.

Tom tells Mark Levy their family has been left completely shattered.

“It’s an absolute miracle that only one person died on that day.

“Dad was beyond recognition and we had to provide dental records to identify him.

“Then to be told the driver got his licence back, it really was a slap in our face. It was just absolutely disgraceful that such a thing could happen.”

Tom is pleading with the government to take action now before someone else gets hurt.

“We’ve lost a great man and if we can highlight the flaws in the system and at least make the government, make the judges, make the police act and come down hard.

“These people will never, ever learn unless they’re punished.

“We need action. No more words, no more talk. That’s enough. We need harsh sentences.”

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