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Drought forces town to recycle sewage for drinking water

A drought-stricken town in NSW is being forced to turn sewage into drinking water as their situation worsens.

In about 73 days Tenterfield taps won’t run because there won’t be any more clean water and they will have to turn to other options.

Bushfires in the area have worsened the town’s water supply crisis, with the water filtration plant unable to get rid of the germ-filled ash that landed in the dam.

For the past two weeks, locals have had to boil water before consuming it.

Council staff will meet with NSW Health to demand a clear position on drinking water that’s recycled from sewage and piped back into the dam.

UNSW Water expert Stuart Khan tells Ben Fordham it is a method that is used across the country.

“It can be done, it is realistic and there are many successful examples.

“We should start recognising that we are already doing it to a large degree.”

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