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‘Don’t come back!’: The Who’s Pete Townshend opens up about Australia’s snub

World-famous rock band The Who first graced Australia’s shores in the late ’60s but then they disappeared for about four decades.

Their new album Who by The Who is set to be released this week but Steve Price has taken their popular guitarist Pete Townshend back to a tense period in their history.

The band first toured Australia in 1968 but after a whirlwind stay vowed to never return.

They did, in fact, make a reappearance in the mid-2000s but the legendary musician tells Steve he still remembers his first experience in Australia.

“We had a really tough time and we weren’t treated at all kindly by the press.

“As we were leaving we got a message from the prime minister at the time which said ‘don’t come back’ so we didn’t for a really long time!”

Despite all this, he says he looks forward to visiting Australia.

“I hope we can remedy that 10-year gap pretty soon and come and see you.

“I’ve got so many friends in Australia.”

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