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Doctors warning against pharmacy walk-in health checks

Warren Moore

If you’ve been to the pharmacist recently, you might’ve considered getting one of their health checks.

Many offer tests and assessments for a range of conditions including diabetes and heart health.

But doctors are warning again the walk-in tests, saying they’re doing more harm than good as patients are being left confused and with inaccurate results.

Warren Moore speaks with Royal Queensland Deputy Chair and spokesperson for Australian College of General Practitioners Dr Michael Clements.

He tells Warren it’s about what the “best practice” for patients is.

Dr Clements says pharmacists are one of the important “cogs” in the health system, but “when we’re talking about health checks, that’s actually an area we say is better left to the GP”.

“Unfortunately when you’ve only got part of the picture, it can actually make things worse and what we’re worried about is a false sense of reassurance.”

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Pharmacists reject warnings walk-in checks aren’t safe

Warren Moore