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Dick Smith slams ‘idiots’ setting migration intake

Deborah Knight

Entrepreneur Dick Smith says Australia needs to lower its migration intake to avoid having “a lot of poor people”.

There are more than 25 million people currently living in Australia but that number continues to grow.

According to the Bureau of Statistics one person is arriving to live in Australia every 59 seconds.

Mr Smith tells Deborah Knight the migration intake should be capped to 75,000 a year rather than 160,000.

He warns if Australia continues to grow at the current rate it will become intolerable.

“If we keep that up we’ll have 100 million at the end of this century when our grandkids will still be alive and not many people think that’s a sensible number for dry Australia.

“Warragamba Dam was actually built for about 2.5 million people in Sydney. We now have five million and without a doubt, if the idiots are allowed to keep doing this we’ll end up with 10 million in Sydney.”

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Image: Getty/Mark Kolbe