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Dick Smith joins call to reduce reliance on Chinese manufacturing

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith is urging the public to commit to buying more products from Australian-owned companies.

A survey commissioned by the Australian Workers Union found 88 per cent of Australians view the COVID-19 crisis as a wake up call to reduce our reliance on Chinese manufacturing.

68 per cent of respondents said they are now more likely to look for Aussie products.

Dick Smith has long championed the Australian-made, Australian-owned cause, and told Mark Levy the public need to keep up the pressure.

“I remember with Dick Smith foods, if ever we got some free publicity … our sales would go up, but unfortunately a few months later people would forget and just go back and buy the cheapest.”

Mr Smith admits Australians have largely benefited from globalism, but one disadvantage is “you basically lose control of your destiny”.

He said more light needs to be shone on foreign ownership of Australian-made products.

“All the profit heads off to the northern hemisphere!”

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