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COVID-19 homelessness crisis exposes new vulnerable groups

Homelessness Week

There are renewed calls for affordable social housing as charities work to raise awareness on homelessness week.

There are 116,000 Aussies living on the street every night and Vinnies NSW CEO Jack De Groot told Deborah Knight homelessness has been on the rise.

“We need, at this time, investments by both federal and state governments to really build a solution for homelessness.”

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Professor Guy Johnson from RMIT University told Jim Wilson the number of Australians living rough may be even higher.

“We didn’t do enough prior to COVID to reduce the rate and COVID is going to create a lot of problems for a lot of people.

“A lot of those people would have never thought they would have been at risk of the sort of housing instability they’re likely to experience and/or homelessness.

“We haven’t invested enough money in social housing, so we just don’t have the housing stock for people who are on low incomes and who are vulnerable.”

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Homelessness Week