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Dementia Action Week: Calls to end discrimination of dementia sufferers

It’s Dementia Action Week and we’re being urged to consider how discrimination impacts people living with the condition.

About 447,000 Australians are living with Dementia, a number that’s projected to grow to 1.1 million by the year 2056.

Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe tells Alan Jones many sufferers feel ostracised.

“One of the forms that this can manifest as is that when they share their diagnosis of dementia, people will stop talking to them and they’ll talk to their loved one instead.

“They may be excluded from activities and social events and it’s a very isolating condition.”

Alan Jones says it’s a concerning realisation.

“One thing I didn’t know, and which disturbs all of us surely, is this business of discrimination.”

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Image: Dementia Australia