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Defence Force asks Australians not to send Christmas gifts to our troops

The Australian Defence Force says people should reconsider their Christmas packages for deployed troops because of the pressure it puts on their logistics.

The ADF has instead suggested people send emails to servicemen and women as the number of packages sent ‘far exceed’ the number of troops and is ‘putting a drain on their logistics chain’.

In 2017, troops received an average of 10 parcels each excluding those from family and friends.

The Townsville Bulletin reports the RSL has sent an email to its branches, encouraging them to donate to the ‘RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund’ instead of sending packages.

Rita Panahi tells Steve Price the issues are glaringly obvious.

“It seems for that department everything is too hard.”

Caller Bec has sent Christmas packages to soldiers in the past and tells Steve they make a big difference to morale.

“I just despair when I hear this penny-pinching.”

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