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Deb Frecklington sprays Annastacia Palaszczuk on fuel, waste levy and education

Queensland Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington is continuing to pressure the QLD Government on prices at the bowser, after a real-time fuel monitoring program was announced last month.

Though satisfied that her party’s sustained pressure amounted in a trial, Frecklington is disappointed nothing has been done to implement the scheme.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any action on that since they made that announcement,” she says.

“If we had this, it would drive competition and drive down the price of fuel.”

“We’ve got people who are already under enough financial pressure, so it is important QLD jumps on this, just as other states have.”

The Opposition Leader also slammed the Government’s waste levy, saying Annastacia Palaszczuk is using “a sledge hammer to knock in a very tiny nail” when it comes to interstate waste dumping.

“They should be using compliance levels and regulation to stop the interstate dumping, but instead she’s taxing each and every Queenslander.”

It is thought the tax will compromise small business the most.

“It will increase their prices and drive customers away,” she says.

Frecklington was equally as critical on the Labor Party’s education policy, after Queensland University was found to be marking down students for using “gendered language” in their assignments.

“We’ve seen political correctness go mad here in Queensland,” she says.

“It’s because government has implemented licences without gender, they’re now looking at birth certificates without gender.”

“We’re missing the point of education, to educate kids to work in the real world.”

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