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David Wenham reveals how he’s grown since joining Wayside

A Sydney local and one of Australia’s great actors David Wenham says his work with Wayside Chapel has changed the way he interacts with the homeless.

Mr Wenham is an ambassador for Wayside Chapel in Potts Point, Sydney, which provides low-cost meals and showers, as well as access to health and welfare services, for those who are struggling.

The 2016 census found about 116,000 people were homeless in Australia, which was a 14 per cent jump since 2011.

Mr Wenham tells Steve Price he interacts differently with the homeless than he did before.

“I think that I’ve grown because of my association with Wayside.

“Many years ago I probably would have… walked by, averted my eyes.

“But I realise now that it’s actually important to realise that those people, they are exactly the same, they are a human being.”

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