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Cyber Security Minister warns we need to be careful with our data

Facebook is caught up in a political scandal.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of mining the data of 50 million Facebook users around the world and using it to target people with political advertising for President Donald Trump’s 2016 Election Campaign.

Cambridge Analytica has defended the allegations in a statement.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner is investigating whether any Australians have been caught up in the scandal.

Minister for Cyber Security Angus Taylor tells Chris Smith “if it’s an Australian citizen and Australian data, then we may have jurisdiction.

“We have very high expectations of Facebook and all the other social media platforms.

“It means, they need to treat [data] with enormous respect, they need to stay within the law, and they need to stay within community expectations.

“Fortunately in this country, we do have strong laws around data breaches, in fact, we strengthened them just a few short weeks ago.”

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