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‘Crisis’: 65,000 events cancelled after announcement of coronavirus measures

The coronavirus has seen 65,000 events cancelled across Australia after indoor gatherings of more than 100 people were banned.

380,000 people have been left without work after the Prime Minister announced tough new measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Federal Labor MP Tony Burke tells Alan Jones the industry needs support.

“People in the industry, they understand why the government has had to make these decisions.

“But from their perspective, they’ve also, in the course of one media conference, watched the next four months of work disappear.

“When the bushfires were on they were the first people we went to saying, ‘will you work for free?’ And they did, they had our back.

“Right now they’re the ones in crisis and I just want to make sure that Australia’s got their back.”

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Image: Getty/Classen Rafael/EyeEm