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Country music royalty joins Ray in the studio

Country music royalty, Troy Cassar-Daley is releasing his greatest hits album later this year and he joins Ray Hadley in the studio for a chat about it. 

Troy says it was a balanced process picking the songs to include in the album, telling Ray “when I’m sitting there choosing them, I thought I better choose what the charts say first”.

“But then there’s affairs of the heart, there’s things like ‘Bar Room Roses’ that god, you were the first time I’d ever heard it on radio,” he tells Ray.

“I used to drive along thinking well you know Ray’s playing this song and I thought, wow who would pick that song out of that ‘True Believer’ record and play it on air.”

Ray tells him it is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and was “just one that you keep putting on repeat… and you just keep playing it over an over again”.

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Over the years Troy’s songs have clearly meant a lot to people and this is reflected in the songs featured on the new album, with Troy telling Ray “the last lot of the songs were chosen by fans who pull you up after a gig”.

“The fans have chosen a lot of the other songs other than the charts… it’s been great to have their input.”

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For more information on Troy Cassar-Daley’s latest album go to his official website by clicking HERE.