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Could Peter Dutton ‘turn the tables’ and win the next election?

A political expert believes Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton could turn the tables on the government’s election woes if he challenges the Prime Minister.

Malcolm Turnbull has announced further changes to his energy policy, scrapping plans to legislate an emissions reductions target.

His backflip comes amid speculation his leadership is in trouble, as a Fairfax-Ipsos poll indicates Labor has opened a 10 point lead over the Coalition after preferences.

It’s rumoured Minister Dutton will challenge the PM for the top job in the coming weeks if the Coalition’s woes continue.

Political Scientist Paul Williams tells Chris Smith Mr Dutton could “turn the tables” for the Liberal Party.

“I think he can not only save his own seat but save three, four or more seats of his colleagues.

“He could actually turn the tables and sneak home an election.”

He says if Mr Dutton were to launch a challenge, he would need to call an election very quickly.

“Call the election sooner rather than later because the animosity and suspicion of a leadership change will come back to haunt him as well.”

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