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‘Cops are tops’: Mark Levy defends police against ‘noisy minority’

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The organisers of further anti-racism rallies are arguing last week’s NSW Court of Appeal decision set a precedent to permit future protests.

More than 3700 people have responded on social media to a ‘Stop Black Deaths in Custody’ rally in Sydney for Saturday, which police and the NSW government have labelled illegal.

Mark Levy says the protesters “need a serious dose of reality”.

“These people need to get it through their thick heads: standing shoulder-to-shoulder at these rallies is endangering their own lives, and the lives of others!

“It’s the reason why the National Cabinet will not ease any of the restrictions … they can’t afford to, because of these selfish individuals.”

Mark has retaliated with his own campaign to get ‘Cops are tops’ stickers back on car bumpers, and it’s had a massive reaction from listeners.

“These people are a noisy minority, and should be treated that way. Enough is enough.

“I certainly hope NSW police do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the wider community.”

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NSW Police Association President Tony King told Mark Levy the ongoing protests are putting police in a difficult position.

“There’s two threats at this time: one is the risk to health and safety from the virus, and two, whether this becomes violent or not.

“As we’ve seen last week, there was some angry scenes in Central Railway Station.

“I really say to everyone, it’s just irresponsible to be protesting in large numbers at this time.”

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