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Controversial new netball rule will ‘change the game’

Netball legend Liz Ellis says the introduction of the controversial two-point super shot will change the nature of the game.

Some of the country’s top netballers are furious about the change coming to Super Netball ahead of the start of the season in August.

The controversial move blindsided some in the competition including players and coaches.

“I don’t mind the idea,” she told Deborah Knight.

“I like the fact that netball, which is an incredibly historically conservative sport, has taken a risk and perhaps we are evolving towards something different and exciting.

“I do have an issue with the way it was dumped on players six weeks out from the competition.

“From a commentary point of view, I like it.”

She said it would lead to faster scoring and it would change the nature of the game.

“Hopefully it won’t detract from the fundamentals of the game, but that is the danger.”

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