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Commonwealth knew for years of contaminated soil, activist Erin Brockovich says

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich is back in Australia and is urging people to rise up and make those in power accountable.

Chemicals used on defence force bases have contaminated soil and water at Williamtown near Newcastle and in the Queensland town of Oakey.

The government is defending numerous legal actions.

Ms Brockovich tells Alan Jones Australia’s Defence of Defence was warned about the science even earlier than 2003.

“Our [environment protection authority] notified them there was a problem.”

She says it’s “frustrating and infuriating”.

“I really hope Australian people will get up in arms over this, and they should.

“There’s a problem and all the dodging and lying and inconsistency gets us nowhere but if we will deal with the issue, it can be dealt with.

“This is damaging and destroying your water and your food chain.”

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Alan says the Department of Defence is “the greatest coverup merchant in the country”.

Ms Brockovich says it’s time the people of Australia demand the department takes responsibility for the contamination.

“Somebody else’s ass is on the line now because they knew. So know they’re going to cover their ass and let the rest of us have this issue.

“You need to rise up. That is one thing I’ve seen can shift governments is when the people in mass will move.

“This is a fight worth fighting.”