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Commonwealth Bank customers experiencing nationwide outages

There are major technical issues affecting the Commonwealth Bank around Australia.

Customers nationally are reporting having trouble using their cards, transferring between their accounts and using online banking.

Some branches were even forced to close their doors to customers as they work on the issue.

CBA spokesperson Danny John tells Ross Greenwood they don’t know when services will be restored.

“We are looking at in the next sort of few hours, particularly maybe into the early hours.

“We’re just asking for our customers to bear with us, we’re really sorry for this inconvenience.”

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Listener Chris has told Steve Price her local branch at Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner west, is shut.

“I just went to the Commonwealth Bank and the doors are closed.

“I just went to lodge some money for my rent in the ATM. It’s closed, it’s all down.”

The bank is apologising as it urgently investigates the problems.


Image: Getty/William West