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Comedian’s disgusting attack on Ray Hadley’s charity efforts

Ray Hadley has hit back at a Melbourne comedian who used social media to repeatedly attack his charitable efforts.

Tony Martin took to Twitter on December 22, mocking Ray’s Christmas album which is raising money for the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

In fact, it’s Ray’s 10th compilation CD helping fund Professor Dominic Rowe’s research into the insidious disease.

A charitable effort that has raised more than $300,000 to date.

Several people replied to Martin’s Tweets, informing him profits from the CD goes to charity.

The were ignored by the comedian and even attacked by Martin’s followers.

Now Ray Hadley has had his say after returning from his Christmas break.

“I hope that some decency prevails here when he understands that I’ve never made a cent out of the sales of the CDs.

“Despite the fact that he doesn’t know me but despises me, perhaps he’ll turn things around and encourage whatever people may follow him on social media to go out and buy the CD, because it’s for a particularly good cause.”

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