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‘Come on, Australia’: Angry Rebel Wilson vows to appeal in Twitter rant

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Rebel Wilson has vowed to appeal against a court decision to slash her defamation payout by millions of dollars in a Twitter rant this morning.

The Court of Appeal found it could not be proven that Wilson missed out on film contracts as a result of Bauer Media magazine articles that painted her as a serial liar.

The court dismissed the decision to give Wilson $3.9 million for economic losses and reduced the $650,000 compensation figure for non-economic loss to $600,000.

Currently in the Czech Republic, it took Wilson hours to respond, but she did so with gusto on Twitter this morning.

She claimed the court of appeal had not acted reasonably and described the decision as “bizarre”.

“Clearly not fair. Come on Australia,” she tweeted (full tweets below).

She claimed “everybody knows I lost money” because of the articles, but Macquarie Media entertainment editor Peter Ford says that’s plainly not true.

“Well, that’s the whole point. I haven’t met anyone connected to the industry who actually believes she lost any work from what appeared in Women’s Day in Australia,” he said.

“She couldn’t provide any proof of that to the satisfaction of the judge.


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