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Clive Palmer hits out, claims ‘government agenda’ behind charges

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One of Australia’s wealthiest men Clive Palmer claims charges being laid against him are part of a ‘government agenda’.

Last Friday, corporate watchdog ASIC laid criminal charges against him over the management of one of his entities, Palmer Leisure Coolum.

It’s alleged Palmer Leisure Coolum breached the Corporations Act by proposing or announcing a takeover bid, then failing to make an offer within two months.

He tells Ross there’s a “government agenda” at play.

“The penalty says if I’m convicted of that… I can’t stand for parliament. And that’s the reason they’ve sought this particular charge out but there’s nothing to it.

“It won’t go anywhere. But that’s the motivation of our politicians.”

He says when the next election comes around, he’ll stand again.

“I’m happy to serve the country again if people choose to elect me.”

Mr Palmer has also taken aim at Queensland Nickel liquidators, filing a counterclaim against them for $1.8 billion in damages.

The liquidators are fighting to get back some $300 million owed to creditors, including the Federal Government, after the refinery collapsed in 2016.

Mr Palmer tells Ross Greenwood it’s “disgusting”.

“If you have an administration… you’re there to get money back, and all the money was offered and they rejected it all and decided to sack everyone so they could get some additional fees as liquidators.

“That’s the disgusting thing in Australia, where creditors never get anything. It’s always the liquidators and the lawyers that take all of the money.”

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