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‘Clear case’ for coal-fired power stations as state dodges energy crisis

An energy expert says there’s a “clear case” for coal-fired power stations after New South Wales dodged a power crisis.

Last week the state was on the verge of a blackout as three coal-fired power stations unexpectedly went offline.

It sparked a warning from nation’s chief energy market operator that Australia doesn’t have the energy reserves it once had to fall back on in times of peak demand.

Japan is set to build 45 new coal-fired power stations using coal, mostly imported from Australia.

So why aren’t we doing the same?

“It’s just beggar’s belief,” says Ross Greenwood.

COAL21 CEO and Executive Director of Coal at the Minerals Council of Australia Greg Evans tells Ross there’s a “clear case” for new coal-fired power stations.

“As older power stations are phased out, we should certainly look at the possibility of replacing those with modern, high-efficiency, low-emission power stations as is happening throughout Asia.

“The case is pretty clear that we need affordable, reliable power.”

He tells Ross he’s been approached by international companies to build the power stations, but the possibility of changes to policy in the future is a hindrance.

“One of the uncertainties is regarding future government policy”

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