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Chris Smith’s chat with Jane Fonda gets VERY hot under the collar

Legendary American actress Jane Fonda may have hit the big 80 but that certainly hasn’t slowed her down.

The two-time Academy Award winner stars in the new movie Book Club, which explores how mature women navigate sexuality and relationships.

Chris Smith sits down with the veteran actress, who isn’t shy about revealing her top tips for men under the sheets.

“I hope I’ve got some experience under my belt,” she tells Chris.

For older men, she says there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little bit of help but that can’t be where it ends.

“Build up to it! You can’t just pop a pill and say, ‘I’m ready’.”

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When it comes to getting her new movie Book Club over the line, she reveals it wasn’t an easy process.

Despite her success in the industry over many years, major production companies were hesitant to back her.

“We had no studio.

“We were an independent movie, we made it on a shoe-string budget.”

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