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Chris slams Labor’s move to ditch controversial Work for the Dole program

Labor has indicated it will scrap the controversial Work for the Dole program if elected, questioning whether the scheme represents value for money.

It says the program isn’t encouraging people to work, but rather encouraging them to drop out of the market entirely.

Labor employment services spokeswoman Terri Butler says it’s wasting the time of those seeking work.

“Every hour someone spends doing Work-for-the-Dole is an hour not spent looking for work.

“There is also the risk that every hour someone spends providing labour at no cost to the boss, is an hour for which someone isn’t being hired.”

Labor leader Bill Shorten said the party’s primary concern would be to make sure people find a job “and make sure that we encourage people to work”.

“Labor has virtually put a red pen through Tony Abbott’s Work-for-the-Dole scheme,” says Chris Smith.

“Next they’ll be stripping back all of those terrible demands and penalties which force Newstart recipients to actually attend job interviews and not cheat.

“They won’t have a bar of that! It’s been forcing Newstarters to actually get jobs.”

Labor is arguing only three out of 10 people get a job, and it’s not value for money.

“They are long-term unemployed, that is a win, that’s a good ratio!”

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