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Chris Remkes was abandoned at an orphanage… now he’s a gold medallist

South Australian couple Mark and Dora Remkes were desperate to have a child of their own.

For eight years they waited before coming across a little boy from the Philippines who’d been abandoned at an orphanage just after birth.

Mark and Dora knew immediately that small child would be their son.

Chris Remkes is now 21-years-old and yesterday he became a Commonwealth Games gold medallist after winning the gymnastics vault event.

He tells Alan Jones he doesn’t remember how his life started at the orphanage.

“It’s been so long ago that I don’t really remember.

“All I know is that my biological dad didn’t really want me and my biological mum couldn’t look after me.”

His adopted parents Mark and Dora were right by his side as he gave the performance of a lifetime.

“It was so nice for them to come and support me and support the Aussie team,” Chris says.

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