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Chris hears the stories of Australians who’ve come to Villers-Bretonneux

During his time at Villers-Bretonneux Chris has connected with Australians who have made the pilgrimage to commemorate the sacrifices of Australian soldiers.

Jaccie Dawson’s great-uncle fought on the Western Front, and she tells Chris it’s been an unbelievable experience to get to where it all happened.

“I just think of those soldiers who were out there, not warm as we are, not comfroabtle as we are, and fighting to save people.”

Looking out at the rows of gravestones, she says she’s “been trying to keep that memory alive”.

Chris also spoke with Col Warn whose daughter surprised him with a trip to the dawn service.

He tells Chris he’s “forever thankful” for his daughter.

“I had no idea of how much the Australian people were behind all this.

“Something that never really dawned on me, the actual extent of what these people put up with.

“Something that should be taught more in schools.”

Listen to both their stories below