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Cheers to that! Popping bottles for Veuve Clicquot’s birthday

It’s not often we pop champagne in the studio, but today we’ll make an exception.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne, a revolutionary beverage when it was first designed.

Director of Champagne Bureau Australia John Noble and champagne expert Paul Boothby come armed with bubbly and Deborah Knight is more than happy to put herself forward for a taste test.

“I knew filling in for Smithy would be a fantastic gig,” she says. “But how about this.”

When it comes to Australia’s consumption of the sparkling beverage, we punch well above our weight.

“Australia’s quite remarkable,” John says.

“We’re the sixth largest champagne consumers in the world, 8.5 million bottles last year.

When it comes to whether a higher price tag means a better quality product, both John and Paul are in agreement.

“Of course.”

Find out one of the answers to those questions below

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