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Campaigner claims he has government support to ditch daylight saving

An anti-daylight saving campaigner says he has come up with a new proposal which he claims has government support. 

Graeme Brittenden claims the “current version of daylight saving is obsolete” and is costing the economy billions of dollars a year.

Daylight saving has been around since about 1971 but Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have rejected it.

Mr Brittenden has launched a new website telling Alan Jones his proposal has the support of a federal government minister.

“Daylight saving is so out of date because they cut it back to six months if it was so good it would be going for 12 months,” he says.

“Advance eastern standard time by 30 minutes, all over red rover.”

Alan has long campaigned against daylight saving and says it needs to be addressed by the government.

“We’ve currently got five different time zones in Australia, and of course you don’t need to be Einstein to say that is crazy for a country of this size.”

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