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Calls to close the Glass House Mountains to climbers

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In the wake of the closure of Uluru and parts of the Grampians, the future of the Glass House Mountains is being debated.

Indigenous owners believe climbers should be banned from scaling the mountains, particularly Mount Beerwah, because they have sacred significance.

They also argue the climb is too dangerous, and rescues too costly.

In the Jinibara people’s Dreaming stories, Beerwah is the “mother” of the other peaks. It is also the highest, and one of the more difficult hikes.

Glass House MP Andrew Powell says neither he nor the state government are planning to close the mountains any time soon.

Mr Powell says he respects the perspective of the indigenous owners, and wouldn’t choose to make the climb himself.

“That’s my personal choice, but I wouldn’t force that on anyone else.”

Despite the danger, Mr Powell argues, “you can’t legislate against stupidity.”

He suggests a compromise could be reached where tourists are given guided tours up the mountains, with added safety provisions.

“The last thing I’d want to see is a kneejerk reaction on the Glass House Mountains.”

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Image: Getty/John Park