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Calls to bring in overseas workers to tackle aged care outbreaks

Aged care homes are of increasing concern as Victoria races to contain 683 active COVID-19 cases linked to aged care settings.

The federal government has also set up a new emergency response centre to coordinate efforts to manage the spread of COVID-19 in aged care facilities across the nation.

Tim Hicks, chief advocate at Leading Age Services Australia told Deborah Knight he’s hoping the new response centre can solve the many logistical issues, such as sourcing testing kits and distributing protective gear.

Mr Hicks also backed the call to bring in defence personnel to help mange the outbreaks.

“A number of members of the ADF will be very highly trained in the delivery of care.

“We need absolutely everyone we can at the moment, including looking at non-traditional sources.

“Whether those are ADF personnel, students, or indeed bringing people in from interstate and potentially overseas.”

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