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Calls for tougher action after violent gang rampage

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The Victorian Government can’t seem to control youth crime terrorising the state.

A teenage African gang is suspected of a vicious home invasion and later smashing and robbing a restaurant.

It’s fired up calls for a tougher approach to combat Melbourne’s violent gang crisis.

Last month, Victorian Police announced an interim African community taskforce in a further bid to address the rising crime rates among African teens.

Commander Stuart Bateson, who is helping form of the taskforce, tells 3AW youths as young as 15  could be involved in the crime sprees.

“These young offenders feel like outlaws.

“They want to be outside of society, they’re attracted to being so-called gangsters.”

Ray Hadley: “So what does the Victorian Government do about it?

“They stick their head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening.”

Listen to Ray’s comments below