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Calling all politicians: Will anyone step up and take a drive with truckie Glen?

Luke Grant

Truckie Glen from the Sunshine Coast was on the road when he heard Luke Grant talk about Bill Shorten’s failure to read the ACCC report on bringing down power prices.

 His response said it all.

“I’m working 16 to 17 hours a day, 90 hours a week and I hear Bill Shorten can’t be bothered reading the report,” says Glen.

“I’m almost at the point where I’m going to give up, because I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.”

“But the politicians can’t even be bothered to read a report? Why did they need that report? Doesn’t common sense tell you that if we’re the richest country in the world in mineral resources, that we should be the cheapest, for its own people? ”

With the elite political class clearly out of touch, Glen is calling on politicians to step up and get it right when it comes to energy policy.

“When is this going to stop? We can’t afford electricity, we’re destroying our industries in this country, we’re destroying our culture in this country.”

“Anybody that put their country first would not have people right now too scared to turn on the heater. These are people who have worked their entire lives, paid their taxes. They are huddled under blankets.”

Listen to the call that started it all

Luke Grant put Glen’s plight to Senator Fraser Anning later in the morning.

Mr Anning agreed more needs to be done.

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Luke Grant