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BUSTED | Dutton and Turnbull reading from the same cheat sheet

It seems as though the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister don’t realise the internet exists.

The pair appeared on different Macquarie Radio stations this morning, and it appears they’ve been reading from the same cheat sheet.

Nights host Steve Price picked up on the faux pas after listening to the PM’s interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW, and then Mr Dutton’s interview with Ray Hadley not long after.

“Do they not know the internet exists and you can actually listen to other radio stations interstate?” says Steve.

“They must think we’re stupid!”

Mr Turnbull said, “If you feel there are more foreigners on the tram… they are most likely to be students or visitors.”

Dutton said to Ray, “people in Sydney or Melbourne will see international students walking… and yes they’re taking up spaces on the road, or the tram or the train or the bus.”

“He’s reading off the same bit of paper!”

Listen to the audio below