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Brisbane CBD ‘held to ransom’ by ‘extremist’ protesters… again

Image: Twitter/Jess Millward

About 200 protesters have shut down the Brisbane CBD, rallying against the state government’s proposed laws to crack down on protesters.

Environmentalists have caused traffic chaos more than 10 times this year with today’s march down Queen Street to Parliament House drawing the largest turnout so far.

Brisbane City Council tried to stop the protest from going ahead but had its case thrown out by a magistrate yesterday.

The permit was lodged by notorious Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri who says climate change is a bigger inconvenience than traffic.

A significant amount of police resources have been put in place to guide the group safely along their march.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner says, “the people of Brisbane are fed up with it”.

“Blocking the traffic, causing disruption as they are deliberately trying to do repeatedly in the city.

“These aren’t just ordinary environmentalists here. These are right at the extreme fringe, willing to take extreme measures.”

Mayor Schrinner tells Alan Jones the proposed laws have nothing to do with stopping free speech.

“We absolutely support the right to protest… it’s when they do it and how they do it which is important here.”

Alan says people “have had a gutful”.

“The Brisbane CBD is being held to ransom by a group of reckless protesters.”

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