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Brisbane BLM protesters clash with police over death in custody

A stand-off is unfolding outside a Brisbane police station after a protest over the death of an Indigenous woman in custody descended into chaos.

The 49-year-old woman was found dead in her cell at Brisbane City Watchhouse yesterday morning. An investigation into the death is underway.

Protesters peacefully gathered outside the Roma Street police station this morning, but the rally turned confrontational when some protesters began damaging property.

Nine News Brisbane reporter Ebony Cavallaro updated Ray Hadley on the escalating situation from the scene.

“Protesters put red paint on their hands and then started defacing police vehicles and also the police watchhouse.

“Police vans … have got several protesters inside, and protesters are actually blocking the vans from leaving.”

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Police negotiators moved in when scuffles broke out. Several protesters have been arrested for disrupting traffic.

“The whole group of them had actually run into oncoming cars on a major arterial road,” Ms Cavallaro told Deborah Knight.

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Image: Twitter/Sophie Upcroft