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Brisbane beats out Sydney as one of the best cities to raise a family

Brisbane has been ranked one of the top cities worldwide to raise a family, outperforming Sydney and Melbourne.

The popular city has been ranked 39 out of 150 in the Best Cities for Families 2020 study.

Brisbane had the second-best air quality of all cities and ranked highly for safety, healthcare, education and family-friendliness.

Sky News’ Peter Gleeson tells Deborah Knight living in Queensland is only going to get better.

“Was there ever any doubt?

“Where else would you be? Queensland- beautiful one day, perfect the next.”

Deb used to live in Brisbane and says she agrees.

“I reckon Brisbane beats Sydney hands down! I live in Sydney and I love it… but it’s congested here in Sydney, its expensive, its hard to raise a family.”

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Image: Getty/Marianne Purdie