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Brad Fittler praises NRL for supporting players

The NRL may still be two weeks out from restarting, but the drama has continued with players refusing to take the flu vaccine and breaking social distancing rules.

League legend Brad Fittler told Mark Levy he thinks the NRL has used the situation to support the players.

“It’s making the game grow up. I thought the decisions on how they dealt with Latrell, Fox and Nathan originally, I thought they were great decisions.

“I think what they did do was they stood up and said ‘no, we’re going to look after the players.’

“The game has supported the players. 

“Now Nathan has come out and been seen to tell some fibs and hide some truths and what they’re saying is, ‘no, you’re not going to do that, we’ve got to grow up and now’s the time.’ 

“Hopefully that set the standard.”

The New South Wales State of Origin coach also responded to the breaking news that the ARL Commission will go back to one referee for the remainder of the 2020 season.

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