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Bill’s boycott proves fatal, how Alan Jones predicted the election

The polls, the ‘experts’, the political commentators, the bookies, the activists… they were all wrong.

They all predicted Labor would sweep into power on the weekend with Prime Minister Bill Shorten to lead for the next three years.

They all sneered and jeered when Alan Jones repeatedly predicted the Coalition would return to power.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has praised Alan for proving all of the others wrong.

“Well Alan, there weren’t too many people eight months ago who thought this was achievable.

“You’re one of them… and there were few others,” he says.

Alan revealed he shared his predictions with the PM months ago and urged him to believe.

“I used to send this bloke texts that said, ‘You can win this!'”

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Queensland is being blamed for Labor’s elction loss.

The polls are being blamed, Clive Palmer is being blamed, a short election campaign is being blamed.

Everyone except for Labor, its leaders and their policies.

Alan says Bill Shorten and other senior party leaders need to take responsibility.

“We’re being immodest here today… I kept on saying you can’t win it with a 50 per cent renewable energy target.

“No one’s ever won an election boycotting this program.

“We constantly invited both the leader and the shadow treasurer onto the program.

“They never had time. Well, they’ve got plenty of time on their hands now.”

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