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Ben Fordham visits Alan Jones ahead of his big debut

Ben Fordham is gearing up to take over the 2GB breakfast slot as Alan Jones retires from radio at the end of the week.

Ben is sitting in on Alan’s broadcast at his Southern Highlands home this morning.

Alan has given him a few words of advice as he prepares for the start of his new show next week.

“Just be yourself. You’re not Alan Jones, you’re Ben Fordham. Be yourself.”

Ben says he’s excited for the new chapter.

“All I can do is do my thing and try and bring my own colour to it. I’m learning along the way from the master.

“I know a lot of people say ‘oh, you don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes,’ well I’ve seen it.

“I did work experience with you when I was 15 and I’m here again doing work experience at 40-bloody-three.”

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