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Ben Fordham slams government’s latest ‘disgusting waste of money’

Underfire Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie is in more hot water after commissioning a $160,000 report into the benefits of shooting.

The former sports minister is hanging onto her political career by a thread as the sports rorts scandal continues to worsen.

It’s now been revealed Ms McKenzie, an active shooting participant, signed off on the report into whether shooters had a greater level of wellbeing than the general population.

Despite the $160,000 bill, the report ended up being inconclusive, ruling that it’s “not possible to say” whether shooters are better of than the rest of us.

Ben Fordham has slammed it as an absurd waste of taxpayers money”.

“There’s always going to be some economic or social benefits of any sport… whether it is shooting or soccer or rock climbing.

“This is a disgusting waste of money and anyone in government who was involved in throwing $160,000 out a window over a useless study should resign or apologise.”

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