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Beloved presenters welcome Aussies into their homes for milestone episode

In January 1995, we welcomed a team of experts into our lounge rooms.

Better Homes and Gardens challenged the television scene, arming ordinary Aussies with skills from the kitchen to the shed.

Now, the beloved Channel 7 show is celebrating its 1,000th episode and they have a surprise in store for viewers.

For the first time, we will be welcomed into homes and private lives of presenters.

The episode airs next Friday and host Johanna Griggs tells Chris Smith there are a few surprises in store.

She admits it was a challenge getting everything in order before the cameras arrived.

“I said… look I love the idea, I love the concept but I’m just going to need two days off to get the house into gear and clean up.

“Todd and I were on tractors, slashing paddocks and madly vacuuming under couches that hadn’t been moved for six months.”

Johanna says viewers should prepare for a particular segment which involves presenter Jason Hodges and an outdoor bath.

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Image: Joh Griggs Instagram