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‘Beer and bangers police’ cracking down on dishonest businesses

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The federal government is cracking down on businesses who are ripping off customers by wrongly labelling food and drink.

This year an extra 2000 businesses will be monitored to make sure they’re being honest about the amount of beer in a glass, or the weight of pre-packaged meat.

Mystery shoppers will be sent out by the National Measurement Institute to butchers, pubs and supermarkets in what some are calling ‘the beer and bangers police’.

Federal Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews says many businesses have been caught out before.

“There have been some instances where supermarkets have already been caught selling the pre-packed steaks at around 20 per cent underweight.

“If it is a major issue and it’s prosecuted, then there can be about $210,000 fines associated with it. So there are significant penalties for doing this.”

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Steve Price has become a fan of craft beers and says they frequently come in glasses that look suspiciously small.

Listeners phoned in with their own stories of being ripped off.

If you think a business is ripping you off, you can report it HERE