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Be the proud owner of an 700 tonne military ship, for less than $10

Three ex-navy vessels are to be auctioned off, with the starting bid sitting $9.

The ships, are all over 40m long, and weigh around 700 tonnes.

HMAS Seahorse Horizon, moored at Garden Island in Sydney, is a fleet training and support vessel.

The Wyulda, based in Western Australia is a fuel transport ship, as is the Warrigal which is based in Darwin.

Director of Australian Frontline Machinery Luke Morgan tells Chris Smith the ships can be re-purposed into all sorts of things.

“We’ve had naval architects do some concept plans for us to turn it into an explorer type ship with six bedrooms.”

The ships are being auctioned off to the public, and there is no reserve price.

Morgan says, “if there is only one bidder and he or she bids nine bucks, they get it.”

The auction starts this afternoon at 4pm, and ends Friday June 8th.

Full chat with Chris below. 

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