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Barack Obama received 4.2 million letters as President… these are the ones he replied to

When Barack Obama became President in 2008 he received around half a million letters during his first week in office.

For the next eight years, he continued to get mail, about 10,000 cards, letters and parcels each and every week.

That’s roughly 4.2 million letters during his time as US President.

This overwhelming amount of mail was dealt with by the Office of Presidential Correspondence (OPC), a team of around 50 staff, 26 interns and hundreds of volunteers.

Obama implemented a formal policy for the OPC to give him 10 letters a day or LADs, for him to read before bed each night.

These letters were made up of everything; love, joy, anger and hope and have been compiled into a new book, To Obama.

Author Jeanne Marie Laskas tells Alan she was fascinated and had to know more.

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Even since leaving the Oval Office, President Obama still receives 5,000 letters a week and is still replying!

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