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Barnaby Joyce warns taxes will rise with further coronavirus stimulus

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce is warning against more coronavirus stimulus as government debt races towards $1 trillion.

The government has introduced a $130 billion JobKeeper scheme as thousands of Australians are left jobless during the current health crisis.

Non-essential services such as eat-in restaurants, cinemas and pubs have been shut in order to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce told Alan Jones people need to get back to work in order to save the economy.

“You work all of Monday and Tuesday to about 11 o’clock to pay your taxes and then around about 11 o’clock on Tuesday you start working for yourself.

“Now, after this is over you’re going to work all of Monday and all of Tuesday and then about Wednesday, you start working for yourself.

“So if you want even more stimulus you can work all of Monday, all of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. Ultimately, you go to work to pay this debt.”

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