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Baby Boomers shy away from eating meat

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Baby Boomers are making up a huge amount of people deciding to eat less meat, as plant-based meals become increasingly popular.

The Courier Mail has revealed research by Food Frontier and Life Health Foods that one in three Australians are limiting their meat consumption.

The study found 43 per cent of meat-reducers to be Baby Boomers, while Millenials made up for 61 per cent of vegetarians.

Steve Price has put the idea to Rita Panahi.

Steve Price: “I have a challenge for you between now and this time next week, for you to not eat meat.”

Rita Panahi: “Well that’s outrageous. No, it’s not going to happen. Why don’t you do it?”

Steve Price: “No, I’ve got too many good functions coming I can’t do it.”

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